I listen to quite a lot of different music styles but I'll try to restrict myself to those, which can need a little extra promotion.

Tango's the music I'm most into. I like hearing it, I enjoy dancing it. Gardel, D'Arienzo, Troilo, Piazzolla, Pugliese, Goyeneche, Gotan Project, Cáceres,... It's not just the music, it's the combination of music, dance and emotions, it's life.
Classical tango is well covered, as a starting point you can visit and to get translated lyrics you can visit or for the original lyrics.
Resources on tango nuevo and neotango are less extensive. Thus I'm going to write about them. As always, there's no clear line between classical tango, tango nuevo and neotango. To me, classical tango is the music of Gardel, D'Arienzo, Troilo and many others with a clear and punctuated rhythm and a 'scratchy' bandoneon or violin sound. Tango nuevo starts with Piazzolla, originating from classical tango but with a 'european' melodic dominance and a less obvious rhythm. And neotango is the fusion of tango with modern music like rock, electronic music and back fusions with dominant african percusiion.


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