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Some people think it's fun to write lengthy pieces of legalese on everything. I don't. Some lawyers think it's their god given right to make an income generating expensive lawsuites about nothing. I disagree. (There are much more worthy causes than correct spelling of disclaimers a lawyer could fight for. Human rights for example.) Therefore I'm not going to publish more or less useful legal disclaimers for each reader's country.

But since you've continued reading to this point, I'm going to give you a few guidelines which should make everyone happy:

  • This is my PRIVATE page where I give my private opinion. You read it at your own risk. I've already told you so on the first page. (
  • If you've got a problem with my page, tell me. There's a mail link above.
  • I expect my readers to use their common human senses.
  • I do not advertise for anything or sell anything on this page. All references to products, foreign works and links to other pages are for informational purposes only.
  • I take great care to avoid errors. However I'm only human - shit happens. I guarantee for nothing on this page; you've got to check yourself before you use anything I'm offering here. If you encounter an error, I'd appreciate a short notice telling me so.
  • Whenever I link to other pages, I'm checking the contents carefully. However I can't take any responsibility for changes on the linked pages that happen outside my influence. Again, you've got to check for yourself - it's a dangerous world out there.