2008-1: Rothaarsteig - Von Brilon Wald nach Willingen

This days goal was to hike from Brilon to Willingen (or further, depending n progress) on the Rothaarsteig. On my way there, the weather forecast turned from 'cloudy but dry' to 'cloudy but wet'. Then I had discover that the train only stops at 'Brilon Wald' which cut the hike short by one third. Considering the forecast, this was Ok for me. (Else, I would have extended the hike to Winterberg.) The first drops of drain started coming down the moment I got on the train back to Bochum. Here are some pictures:

The so called 'Bruchhausener Steine' are a quite singular rock formation. They used to be inhabited by cave men, now they host some rare predator birds. This is my first good glance at them.

The forest density of this region is quite high, at least compared to most other german regions. Obviously, forestry is taking place.

I'm getting closer to the 'Bruchhausener Steine'.

This piece of art is called the oak of fire ('Feuereiche'). The artist carved a history of men into the wood, much like a totem pole and put those metal thingies on it. The latter are supposed to look like fire and illuminate Brilon at night.

Hey, some plants even wore colours to give me some show! ;-)

That's how the region looks if forestry cleared a patch.

Occasionally , meadows are allowed to grow.

And the 'Bruchhausener Steine' once more. Since I took the summer trail, that's the closest I got to them.

Here I'd like to do some skiing... Forget braking, it's overrated.

Only a small patch but it really gives a feeling for the powers of water based erosion.

Another cleared patch; reconquered by life.