About me


I'm Simon Hoerder. And this is my site. Since there's more to life than website building I'm pretty sure this site's not going to grow fast. But here it is.

Two times me.

First things first: Yes, it really is 'oe' in Hoerder, not 'ö'. The name Hoerder indicates that some of my ancestors came from a town or village once called "Hoerde"; Dortmund-Hörde is a probable candidate.

Right now I'm doing PhD Studies at the crypto group of the computer science department of the University of Bristol. (http://www.cs.bris.ac.uk). I obtained my diploma degree in IT-Security (http://www.ei.rub.de/studium/its/) at the Ruhr-University Bochum. Before going to Bochum (a long time ago) I spent most of my live (roughly 17 years) living in Weßling, a nice small village in the vicinity of Munich. That's it, if you look out of a satellite: http://maps.google.com/maps?...

Being a Bavarian left a few marks on me. My biggest heroes are Aloisius Hingerl (http://www.bruhaha.de/muenchener_im_himmel.html) and Karl Valentin (http://www.karl-valentin.de/).

    Mögen hätt ich schon wollen,
    aber dürfen habe ich mich nicht getraut.

    (Karl Valentin)

I'm a democrat (as in http://www.biermoesl-blosn.de/polt/democracy.htm) and I enjoy the "liberalitas bavariae" as in »I don't need freedom, I'll do what I want anyway«.

But I've got to admit that the discovery of my bavarianess largely took place after becoming an expat in Bochum. Thus there are quit a lot of other things I like: Pizza, Tango, Jazz & Blues, Books from Stephen King and Erich Kästner, Frida Kahlo's pictures, ...

What else needs to be said? I'm a member of the social democratic party (SPD), my favourite soccer teams are 1860 München and VfL Bochum, I hate sports and love skiing - sounds like a contradiction but is none if you define skiing as a pleasure.

Well, have a look at the other stuff on this page. May be you'll find something you'll like.

Servus, Simon