2007-9: Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden

A few days after the Tonto National Forest and Picketpost Mountain trip, my uncle, my cousin and I went to the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden:

Agave and prickley pear cactea.

Agave and saguaro scene.

My cousin, my uncle and a yucca.

Axe couldn't do it.

This is a slightly mutated saguaro cactus.

This saguaro cactus served as dinner and still lives on.

Saguaro even serve as family home to birds. And this inhabitant found a way to get a foot massage. :-)

But even saguaro die at some point.


Blooming cactea.

That's good public relations: The english name sounds fancy while the latin name is quite more to the point: It contains nicotine and you shouldn't smoke it. But who cares for latin names?

I like this one.

Those birds are really colourful but they did their best to avoid being photographed.

These are monarch butterflies which the botanical garden needs for the pollination of the plants. They're raised in a special green house.

An (living) Ironwood tree and an organ pipe cactus.

The mountains next to the botanical garden.

This isn't dead wood, it's a living ocotillo with fruits.

Octopus Cactus.

This is an old man of the andes.

An organ pipe cactus.

On the prickley pear cactus you can see its fruits; they can be used to cook jam.